HESTIA DOORS OÜ gives a 5-year warranty for the products we sell. The validity of the warranty period starts from the moment the product is handed over to the buyer 


The validity of the warranty is subject to compliance with the product installation and maintenance manual. The installation and maintenance manual are enclosed with the product, available at our website http://www.HESTIADOORS.com 


Transport damages must be inspected at arrival and claim must be done to transport company. 

The product must be inspected before installation and if defects are found in the product during the inspection, such defects must be recorded in writing and photographed, and the product must not be installed 

A product with defects may only be installed in exceptional cases with our written consent. 

The buyer must inform HESTIA DOORS about any defects in the product or deficiencies in the installation by submitting a complaint on our webpage within 14 days of the appearance of the defect or deficiency. 


The visual inspection of the product shall be conducted from 2 meters, and the light source must be situated behind the back of the observer. 


If the product does not meet the requirements, the buyer can ask us to repair the product or reduce the price. The buyer may also demand the replacement of the product if this does not cause unreasonable costs or inconvenience to the seller, considering, among other things, the value of the product and the significance of the non-conformity. 


Before submitting a complaint, please make sure: 

  • that it is a product sold by HESTIA DOORS 
  • in the presence of a purchase receipt, contract, or order confirmation 
  • that the defect or error is covered by the warranty 



  • product finish and finishing materials 
  • materials of product construction 
  • dimensional stability of the product. Longitudinal bending is allowed 2 mm per one meter. Diagonal gap is allowed 1 mm per one meter. 
  • fittings installed by us 
  • Damage caused during transport, which have occurred before handing over to the customer and are fixed upon receipt of the goods. 


  • damage caused by improper storage of products 
  • defects due to non-compliance with the requirements of the product’s installation and maintenance instructions 
  • Costs incurred by wrong installation or installation of a defective product  
  • damage caused by natural wear and tear of the product 
  • damage caused to the product during operation (cleaning marks, etc.) 
  • mechanical damage claimed after product installation 
  • installation of a defective product will incur additional costs 
  • a product that has been modified in some way (planed, drilled, sawed, milled, painted, etc.) 
  • errors caused by fittings added by the customer 
  • a product installed in conditions unsuitable for the product (excess humidity, temperature difference, etc.) 
  • defects caused using an unregulated product. 
  • the natural characteristics of the materials (e.g. difference in wood grain, prominent knots), if the finishing layer is intact 
  • condensation on the outer surfaces of the double-glazed unit 
  • thermal breakage of glass 
  • exterior doors that are not protected by a canopy above the door or the doors are not located in a niche. 
  • in the case of dark colors, fading of the paint coating due to the sun and separation of the resin from the wood 
  • in the case of dark colors, door bending due to direct exposure to the sun