Abihooneuks 18c (V30V)

HESTIA’s 18-degree doors are adapted for heated storage rooms, garages and smaller cabins.

These doors can withstand an 18-degree temperature difference between outside and inside air.

If the doors are delivered untreated, it must be finished both inside and out before installation. Make sure the surface is dry, clean and free of dust before treating it with wood protection.

We can also deliver the door painted in white or one of our standard colours

Repeat finishing treatment annually or as needed.

If the door is painted darker than NCS 7500-N (Anthracite grey), no guarantee is given for the door’s dimensional stability.



47 mm door made of 41 mm insulating EPS covered on both sides, 0,30 mm alu sheet to prevent bending and with waterproof HDF plate on both sides

Knotty frame 92 mm outward opening

Sealing strip mounted in frame.

42 mm Threshold in Pine

If window: 2 layer termo glass

Lock 565 / Hinges 3248

CE – marking : no, this door is not designed for living spaces

Warranty: 2 years


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