Smart Line (S-100)

HESTIA Smartline on kohandatud eluruumidesse elumajade välisukseks.

Ukse saame tarnida kas valgena või mõne meie standardvärviga värvituna.

Korrake viimistlusravi kord aastas või vastavalt vajadusele.

Kui uks on värvitud tumedamaks kui NCS 7500-N (antratsiithall), ei garanteerita ukse mõõtmete stabiilsust.



60 mm door made of 53 mm insulating EPS covered on both sides, 0,45 mm alu sheet to prevent bending and waterproof HDF plate on both sides  

105 mm frame outward opening 

Sealing strip mounted in the frame. 

21 mm Threshold in oak  

If window: 2 layer thermal glass 

Lock 565 / Hinges 3248 

CE – marking : yes  

Warranty: 5 years


The exterior door must be placed/mounted so that it is sheltered from rain. This means that it can be mounted where there is an overhang incl. guttering on the outbuilding or when installing a canopy over the door. 

Left or right hinged?  

It’s simple and straightforward, you stand on the side of the door where the hinges are visible when the door is closed. If the hinges are on the left, it is left-hinged, if they are on the right, it is right-hinged, you must choose. enter your order on our website and you immediately see the price of your items.  

Add the item to the basket when they are ready. When you are ready for your order 


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