FSC chain of custody certification verifies that FSC-certified material has been identified and separated from ineligible and unacceptable material as it makes its way along the supply chain from the forest to the market. 

We know what is inside the Hestia Doors. We are committed and already to reach 70% certified wood volume inside the door construction but 100% FSC door is the goal anyway. We can identify the country of origin back to the roots for wooden components and also for the ohter components if needed for ohter type of approvals 

Transparent and efficient supply chain protected wih 3rd party audits are important for us. 

If we can not find FSC components from the market- we will validate it by our supplier audits and we will go deep with details and evidences. 

Hestia Doors as FSC chain of custody certified cpmpany, we are required and committed to to implement the FSC core labour requirements in operations operations and we are able to demonstrate this to our external third-party auditors.from NCS Group 

As certified company we follow FSC  core labour requirements,: 

  • Not use child labour. 
  • Eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour. 
  • Ensure that there is no discrimination in employment and occupation. 
  • Respect freedom of association and the effective right to collective bargaining.